My name is Joel Sprayberry. I love music, but more than that, I love seeing the bulb turn on in someone's eyes when they discover their musical talent. Of course they light up. Musical success is fun, rewarding and life changing. Come to Dallas Guitar Studio to find what sparks your musical passion. Choose from acoustic, electric or bass guitar, piano 101, percussion, dulcimer, ukelele, didgeridoo, etc. Contact me today!


Over the years I have learned so many techniques and teaching styles that I have been able to create curriculum uniquely suited for everyone from beginners to veterans to achieve their music dreams.

I have learned that hardline traditional curriculum can suck the love of an instrument right out of the heart -- and fast. That can be devistating. Although playing any instrument takes diligent practice, excitment and passion are key. I could never stand by and watch someone loose their love of playng an instrument. My talent lies in catching the spark, flaming the fire and watching it burn.

I have a business degree from Texas Tech University, but have been a professional musician for over 25 years. I have been playing music since I was a small child. Starting with piano lessons and then moving on to percussion. After years of working out my youth on the drums, I finally found my home inside the sound of an acoustic guitar.

I am passionate about pursuing the gift God has given to me. I love opening up new worlds of musical learning and performing for students of all ages. The best part comes when I can stand back and watch my students rock out confidently with smiles on their faces. Oh, and that light-- the light in their eyes -- you can't miss it. It's magnificent.

I love to teach/play with everyone:

  • The 5-year-old whose mommy wants him/her to learn to play an instrument

  • The preteen who is exploring his/her talents and wants to find that spark

  • The teenager who really just wants to rock out or play it cool

  • The college student who wants to learn folk, song writing and how to function as a part of a band

  • The career driven folks who need a lunch break worth a darn

  • And retirees who want to prove that an old dog can always learn new tricks.


$20/30 min


$50/hr 2 at a time

We are passionate about student who wants to learn. Talk to us about scholarships.