"Joel is a professional musician. I feel honored to have been able to work with him. I almost felt star struck to work with someone so talented. Yet he is so humble and kind and PATIENT. He is so knowledgeable and I can be so frustratingly slow! Yet he never gives up on me. Did I mention how patient he is?! He just continues to encourage me and he has taught me so much! Thanks again Joel Sprayberry! You are so awesome"!


"Joel is one of the best guitar players I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. He is an excellent teacher and has something to offer any student from beginner to advanced proficiency levels. Highly recommend"!

Dallas Guitar Studio has been wonderful for my family. Both of my children have really learned a lot from Joel. He is a great teacher and has been so accommodating and is such a blessing to our family. I cannot recommend Joel at Dallas Guitar Studio enough!

"Joel is a great guy and talented musician. He's got a knack for hearing what will stand out in a song. I've played with Joel for over 4 years and learned a lot".


"Joel agreed to help our youth praise band and during the short time that he had to work with them, our youth were encouraged, challenged, and in the end became better musicians and worship leaders".


"Joel knows the guitar neck right side up and upside down. He can show students lots of guitar techniques".

My son has been working with Joel for just over a year but I am constantly astounded at how I’ve seen him grow musically in that time. It’s so great to see him be so inspired after his weekly lesson and get excited about daily guitar practice because he so enjoys the songs that Joel is teaching him.  Joel’s constant encouragement and support make him an excellent teacher that I highly recommend. 

Joel has been providing guitar lessons to our son for a couple of years. He is patient, talented and also a wonderful role model for our now 18 year old college freshman. He has learned so much, and Joel constantly challenges and encourages him. He has even written a few songs with Joel’s help. We highly recommend him! 

Joel and I began lessons during Covid. I was a beginner guitar player, and even though we did only zoom lessons, Joel’s lessons have always felt like we were in the same room. We connected immediately and have had a great friendship since. Not only that, my skills have grown, and I have thoroughly enjoyed our conversations about music, which has made me much better at my craft. I can’t say enough about Joel and how he has helped me take a passion of mine and make it a hobby.  

“Joel has been an excellent guitar teacher for my son. He knows how to keep it interesting and facilitate progress without it feeling like homework. My son has learned so much from Joel in the past year and continues to improve. Highly recommend. “  

"I love this guy! I've known Joel for many years, so when he started giving lessons, we jumped at the chance to have our oldest son study under him. After two years, he was leading worship for a small group at his school, as well as playing in his youth group. Joel helped him become a good guitar player, but now his younger brother is a student of Joel's, and I think he may show his older brother up! Joel isn't just a great music teacher though. He's a fantastic role model and friend, and if you're looking for someone to teach your kids (especially teens), then you know how important it is to have people like him in their lives."